31 Benefits of Humour to Business

Posted: August 19, 2013 in Innovation Blueprint
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In this little blog I wanted to share with you a colleague of mine who really knows the power of humour. Some of you may have heard me talk about ‘humoufication’ before and the value it can bring in making the mundane more manageable and fun! Well here’s some ‘golden insights’ into the benefits of humour from a master comedian Rodney Marks.

-Nils Vesk

Humour Innovation Technique by Rodney Marks presented by Nils Vesk


The 31 Benefits of Bringing Humour to Business: by Rodney Marks

Humour Innovation Technique by Rodney Marks presented by Nils Vesk


1. It’s fun. We’re all dead a long time, especially in the afternoons.

2. It anchors your message, sometimes by sending it to the bottom of the harbour.

3. An emotional catharsis that results from laughter is better than a budget meeting tantrum.

4. The superiority/inferiority fulcrum swings both ways. Hierarchies are comedy’s natural enemy.

5. Juxtaposing incongruous ideas results in humour, insight and transferable disruption.

6. By lampooning weasel words and waffle, participants’ energy can be focused on real goals.

7. It keeps a meeting audience awake. Otherwise, your meeting may resemble a wake.

8. It humanises the organisation, populating the abstraction.

9. Better to having the bubble of bulldust pricked by a professional, than by every employee.

10. Tell a joke, make a point.Humour Innovation Technique by Rodney Marks presented by Nils Vesk

11. People remember humorous episodes – and associated messages.

12. Promoting a sense of humour means promoting different ways of thinking, creating and doing.

13. People will take you more seriously if you take yourself less seriously.

14. Entertaining the troops enhances morale and productivity. And that’s just from the comedian.

15. Humour is often the explosion of bringing disparate ideas together … good role modelling.

16. Having a comedian say what everyone is thinking clears the air, deflating unhelpful tension.

17. When people are laughing the organisation chart evaporates and the team appears.

18. Work/life balance. Humour Innovation Technique by Rodney Marks presented by Nils Vesk

19. Funny and serious are interdependent.

20. Subtle humour can show the difference between organisational power and expertise.

21. The in-house clowns may be encouraged to lift their game … or bow out gracefully.

22. It sugars the pill.

23. It stimulates conversation, breaks the ice, sets the tone – and allows clichés to be mocked.

24. It shows confidence in the resilience of your organisation and its people.

25. It makes your people memorable … in a good way.

26. It’s a happier genre than tragedy – and leads to more optimism.

27. Laughter is the best medicine. Except for penicillin.

28. It’s a tool for qualitative research … the laugh-o-meter indicates what’s truly important. Humour Innovation Technique by Rodney Marks presented by Nils Vesk

29. Even the wisest person likes a little nonsense now and then.

30. It keeps clean comedians away from stand-up comedy venues, raising the tone of both places.

31. Humour questions the status quo in an acceptable way, ventilating new ideas to open minds.

Rodney Marks,


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Nils Vesk is an innovation architect who applies the process of design thinking to the business of generating and realising ideas. Click here to find out more about his book Ideas with Legs.

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