Fail-Safe Rapid Innovation Techniques

Posted: August 19, 2013 in Innovation Blueprint
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When time is short, but your looking for some rapid innovation, use one of the following fail-safe innovation techniques.


  •  Spot an interesting invention, business or process outside of your world
  •  Identify & record the attributes (the components that make is good)
  •  Force yourself to incorporate these attributes on a process or project you have


  • Find a problem and define what the problem is, who and how it affects people?
  • Determine the cause of the problem
  • Identify the key attributes (parts of the problem)
  • Solve the problems part by part


  •  If you could start what you are doing from scratch what would you differently?
  •  How can you get other people to help collaborate on the project?
  •  Think of what prototype could you create to represent the idea?
  • Map the touch points/steps of what you are doing already (list them or mind map the steps)
  • Identify just one touch point to work on (insignificant ones can be good)
  • Apply one of the following promotes to the touch point. Speed up, slow down, reverse, modify, substitute, strengthen, combine
  • Identify the key touch point element of your process
  • If you had to remove the key touch point what would you need to do to survive?
  • If you really couldn’t remove it what could you substitute it with?


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Nils Vesk is an innovation architect who applies the process of design thinking to the business of generating and realising ideas. Click here to find out more about his book Ideas with Legs.

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