Some interesting innovation that never got the chance to prove itself!

Innovation Crunch

It’s not hard to agree on the fact that certain inventions have changed our world irreversibly is it? The telephone, the automobile, the computer. We could go on and on. What about the inventions that COULD have likely changed the world, but found themselves without financing? This list may read like a science fiction novel at points, but think of how each could have effected the different areas of our lives. Enjoy our look at 7 weird inventions that never got financed.

Weir Inventions

Tesla’s Wireless Energy – It’s hard to have a discussion about off the wall inventions without the name Nikola Tesla quickly coming up. One of his most brilliant plans was a device which could transfer energy over vast distances – including electrical energy – without cables or wires. He began work on this project with the help of several wealthy backers. That is until they saw it could…

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