IDEAS WITH LEGS – Innovation Book

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Ideas with Legs – how to create brilliant ideas and bring them to life 

How would your life change if you came up with ’that brilliant idea’, be it Instant Noodles, the Rubik’s Cube or the Post-it note?

When it comes to realising a brilliant idea from scratch, many of us think this is best left to the professional inventor, designer, scientist or engineer. But is that really the case?

From changing the way we think about ideas to overcoming roadblocks, Nils Vesk’s Ideas With Legs makes it possible for anyone to unlock and realise powerful ideas, one step at a time.
In a world where ideas are increasingly becoming the currency for success, this book is a vital tool for any would be innovator and inventor. It only takes one idea to change your life.

To find out more about the Ideas with Legs book read here.

“Nils’ latest book Ideas with legs is more than a book, it’s a valuable tool to help you create an exceptional idea and build it for maximum return.” 
John McGrath — CEO McGrath Estate agents

“Both entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs drown in ideas — this book is not only a timely survival aid, it will fast track you back to reality.”
Creel Price — Serial Entrepreneur and Founder of Club Kidpreneur

$40.00AUD (includes postage and handling within Australia)

Nils Vesk is giving away Life’s Little Toolbox absolutely free!

Life’s Little Toolbox is full of all the practical tips you need to help get you thinking straight, feeling great and looking great.

This concise books saves you time by finding the right tool you need for your own personal challenge, be it physical, mental or energetic. It’s practical, fun, easy to read and most of all it’s effective.

Download it now and dont forget to post a review.

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