A lot of organisations want innovation but what actually is it?                                                   

Innovation for many clients is a wish for- they’re looking for an outcome for me innovation is more a verb than an adjective or noun. You can’t have innovation without taking action (which unfortunately is a point that a lot of leaders forget). Innovation can range from making a 1% improvement on a process to creating a revolutionary new product or service that changes the whole industry. Each are as worthwhile as the other. Traditionally Innovation is predominantly focussed on product, while the reality is we can make some massive innovative leaps in not just product but in process and service too.

There’s a number of people who talk about innovation what makes you so special and more effective than your counterparts.
If you were to look take all the professions in the world and ask which profession is more likely to have created millions of great ideas and brought them to life by building them it would have to be the design industry- be it an architect, an industrial designer a graphic designer or even a Landscape architect. Designers are paid to generate hundred of ideas select the best one and then go out and build them.

This process is what we call design thinking and the good think is it can be applied to any organisation and any type of business. With a  background as a professional  designer being involved in everything from major infrastructure projects to  the design of prison and theme parks we can design better business using design and a few other modalities. Nowhere will will you find a speaker who brings this repeatable, successful and memorable type of thinking to the world of business.

A lot of people want innovation but don’t know how to create innovation- what’s the secret?
Creating an innovative culture where thinking differently is encouraged, encouraging  ideas crazy ones and good ones -it’s quantity over quality, a good transparent idea capturing device and a good prototyping (piloting process).

What’s the biggest obstacle to innovation?
Knowledge – when a CEO says I want innovation – give me some great ideas it’s unlikely to happen unless the organisation have had training in ideation (idea generating) and have an innovation structure or Innovation principles in place.
Time is a big one having permission to spend time innovating.

Original page source via: http://www.innovationblueprint.com.au/faqs/


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