Your assistance in the lead up to the event and in facilitating the GTA member session as well as emceeing the conference and awards was very much appreciated. Your enthusiasm and warmth in getting the campaign message across and involving delegates was a real asset.

Again thank you for giving GTA and the group training network your valuable time, skill and experience and for helping to make the 2013 Group Training National Conference such  an outstanding success.

James Barron Chief Executive Officer, Group Training Australia

Some words to describe what Nils Vesk did for us at our CBA conference. He led us, he guided us, he facilitated, he challenged us, and most importantly he helped us innovate and become thought leaders. He was fabulous, his style is terrific his energy is contagious and we’d use him again in a heart beat.

 Brigid Gibson HR General Manager, Commonwealth Bank

I highly recommend Nils Vesk as a speaker for your business. Nils presented to our entire agency and we received great feedback from all departments – from the creative teams to the ‘suits’. He was an energetic and inspiring presenter who provided us with great ideas for how we can become more inventive. His ideation strategies would be applicable for any type of business – and I encourage any business leader who believes in the power of ideas to also get him involved in their business.

Victoria Curro Managing Director, McCann Worldgroup, Sydney

Wow! Our members loved how dynamic and engaging you were not to mention one of the most energizing speakers we’ve ever had! Thank you for a fabulously thought provoking presentation.

Sally Lowe, New South Wales Secretariat, Australian LegalPractice Management Association (ALPMA)

Thank you for making innovation accessible and possible.

Robyn Kowald, Merck

Nils you helped us with the development of our Customer First Strategy, made us think and get our heads around what we needed to do as one group moving forward. It was a great experience for all and you challenged our thinking, gave us practical tools and got us to open our minds to make the journey.” “Your endless energy and fantastic facilitation skills got us to where we needed to be and gave us the momentum to develop actions and ideas which we have struggled with in the past. We now have a great strategy, ideas and actions to work towards and implement. Thanks for the experience and all your effort. We have been singing your praises to everyone, as outstanding and we have no hesitation in recommending you.

Dean Zabrieszach Director, Road User Services,VicRoads

Absolutely brilliant. He put a new perspective on my thought process!

Rory Muscat Director, Private Banking, BankWest Private Banking NSW

Thank you for the ‘Fresh Thinking’ workshop you conducted with the Major Projects staff in July. It was obvious you had focussed in on the needs of our team that I had identified to you during our conversations. As a result I believe that our aims were met. There is nothing worse than planning a team ‘get together’ having told everyone what the highlight of the day is and then for the guest speaker to miss the mark. You were on target! Your presentation style was engaging for all participants; indeed for the whole afternoon your subject matter together with the group and individual exercises were not only relevant to the topic but also challenging to the extent that it kept everyone focussed. The tools you left us with will be of value not just for the current situation but also into our continuing careers. Thank you once again.

Mel Jackson Program Director, State Water

Loved the presentation delivery, slides and awesome content. Love the idea that we can all apply the innovation skills for commercial success.

Lucy Raymond, Wiley & Sons

Thank you for your participation at the Gartner Business Intelligence & Information Management Summit. It was a pleasure working with you in the lead up to this event, and I really appreciate the effort you went to in delivering such an energetic, engaging and honest presentation.” “The feedback we received from delegates’ onsite was fantastic – they thought your presentation was excellent and contained practical information to help them think more creatively and approach ideation realistically.” “Your enthusiasm during the keynote was contagious and the atmosphere was upbeat. I believe that the atmosphere you created carried on into the networking reception that followed and directly contributed to its success.

Lauren Hughes Program Manager, Gartner Australasia

Just finished a great 3-day conference and had the opportunity to work closely with Nils and we’d recommend him to anyone. Great young fellow, motivated, has a lot of stories, has a lot of good content. Good luck Nils! I’m sure you’ll be a success wherever you go.

Sam Plowman General Manager, Fairfax Digital

I have to admit I wasn’t sure what to expect. Nils came highly recommended but what would he bring to our gathering of interstate peers and colleagues? The answer was energy and innovation; an attention grabbing and challenging look at creativity and how we could all harness it. Nils engaged us though both story telling and presenting a framework for all to use to get organisations and individuals to think and act more creatively. The visual aids and tangible product left with each participant reinforced these messages.

Nils’ presentation was a highlight of our 3 day event. It created a buzz in the room which followed through into breaks and ongoing sessions. It set the scene for our information sharing, it got people talking, and it generated ideas in the audience which enhanced the outcomes of our event. Certainly not a run of the mill presenter, but rather one that can add the spark to the event.

Dianne Jeans GM Smart Service Queensland

Nils Vesk would have to be one of the most congenial and passionate presenters ICSP has ever showcased. Our members and guests were given many practical and achievable skills to use during their busy work schedules… and ones that work!

Tricia Olsen ICSP CEO

Thank-you Nils – a great way to open the mind. I found your presentation provided me with tools that will assist me greatly in brainstorming ideas.

Greg Pickering CEO, Mount Pritchard Community Club (2007 Club of the Year)

Nils was excellent. His enthusiastic and down to earth style was very appealing. The feedback for his presentation was very good and everyone was buzzing at the end. Nils was very easy to understand. Everyone could relate to his content and I found him excellent to work with prior to the conference and even afterwards. I would not hesitate in recommending Nils to any company.

Ayusha Tyagi Project Director, Terrapinn Australia Pty Ltd

Brings a great new approach to energising innovation in organisations at a vital time in Australia’s Economic Adjusting journey.

Ken Pickering EM, Australian Mutuals Institute

At Blueprint we believe that Nils’ involvement in our Leadership program will have a lasting impact. During his Create workshop, the staff were engaged and informed, yet entertained at the same time. The practical tips he provided were intrinsic truths and the points were really driven home. The post workshop follow-up has been thorough and has reinforced the learning to ensure that they become part of our company’s day-to-day practices. Our staff are anticipating Nils’ next workshop.

Lauren Bunton People Services Manager, Blueprint Management

Nils is an amazing talent. His ability to see patterns in ideas that are not obvious to others sets him apart. He is an exceptional presenter and a master at bringing concepts alive.

Matt Church Founder of Thought Leaders Global


Engaging Nils as the MC for Peppers Heads of Department conference has definitely made our job easier… and a whole lot more fun in the planning! His ideas have helped to create an agenda which not only ensures the intention of our event was clear and met our MD’s objectives; but also gave a fresh perspective on how to bring more energy and excitement to this annual event. His pre-event planning session is an invaluable part of his MC service.

Kris McIntyre Freelance marketing consultant & project manager, Stella Resorts Group

Nils provides an entertaining and energising approach to dealing with the stresses we face as leaders within an organisation. Nils provides a framework for us to live and work by that allows us to clarify and focus on positive outcomes and demonstrates how the choices we make along the way can positively impact results, interspersed with some humorous stories along the way!

David Lucy National Manager Retail Operations, Medibank Private

Your message has challenged me personally to look hard at our annual series of Updates with the aim of innovating them and changing them for the better. In fact, turning our business on its head for a good going over is overdue as well. Thanks.

Matt McCarthy ORM Communications


I have worked with Nils on a specific project recently and I was very impressed with his willingness to implement new ideas. He is all about positive creativity that gets results i.e. the ideas get executed. He not only talks about creativity – he is the epitome of it. His recent keynote speech and workshop was practical, creative, and engaging and fully reflective of the topic he presents. If you or your staff need to come up with ideas and you’re stuck – let Nils work with your team and he will show you some brilliant ways to unlock that creativity. In fact you will probably never say “I am not creative” again.”

Craig Bulmer Director, Making Training Work Pty Ltd

You are so hot! Truly creative, a pleasure to be part of your audience – thank you!

Michelle Bowden Michelle Bowden & Associates

Nils Vesk was the guest speaker and he was fantastic. His ability to hit the mark on issues such as; stress management, health, nutrition and career planning was amazing. As a result of purchasing and reading ‘Life’s Little Tool Box’ I have made some pretty significant life choices and feel confident and in control. Thanks Nils because participation in your Workshop was insightful, motivational and life changing. I cannot thank you enough.

Kim Hanlonn Employment Consultant, Salvation Army

I am a big picture person and have real trouble understanding and planning the small steps that will take me towards this big picture. Nils possesses an amazing ability to take a large concept and chunk it down into practical, achievable and logical steps. On many occasions Nils has weaved his magic and plotted a simple yet effective course for me to follow. I cannot thank him enough.

Dr. Adam Fraser

Nils sees black and white where I see grey. When it comes to creating and implementing ideas in your business, Nils is your man. Nils stimulates imagination, helps to crystallize ideas and their value, and has a process that helps you overcome blocks (imaginary or otherwise!) to implementing those ideas. Additionally, Nils is always generous with his time and expertise. I would recommend Nils to any company looking to challenge the status quo.

Zoe Palmer Brand Chemistry

Nils is truly a thought leader on creative thinking. If you have a creative project you’re considering – don’t even think about starting it without speaking to Nils first!

Craig Rispin

I have seen Nils present on a number of occasions and he is always full of bright ideas about how to look at different issues. He is well respected as a presenter and always comes across professionally. I recommend you talk to Nils

Chris Gray Red Wealth Creations

Your session was great… I thoroughly enjoyed it, but probably more importantly, the Salon Owners thought it fantastic! Nils, it was great working with you on our conferences, and hopefully we’ll be able to do it again in the not too distant future.

Elizabeth Mills Executive Secretary, Goldwell/KMS

Wow! I love your mind! Keep blowing up every paradigm you see.

Ross Clement Ingenius

Fantastic, clear, non-linear logic

Dr Patterson Stark Stark Health

Wonderful energy. I loved the combination of new thoughts and practical actions recommended. Thank you.

Adaleen Griffith


Love your energy.
I got one great idea from your example already.

Bill Carson MD Performance Solutions International

Great creative talk & excellent presentation.

Bakous Makari Makari & Co.

Man, I love your unpredictable use of language. You have great natural comedy.

Peter Webb Intentional Training Concepts Pty Ltd

Thank you for sharing your fantastic ideas about being creative- It helped me consider how easy it is to be creative.

Joanna Cuthbertson


I have no hesitation in recommending Nils and his company to anyone who needs help with executing and implementing their ideas. Nils takes a practical, pragmatic and common sense approach, has the unique ability to create and build robust processes and implementation models, and ensures that you remain accountable for delivery.

David Thomas Think Global

You are great; All breaking the mould, stepping outside the box stuff… Love it! Inspirational… gives me an idea to charge!

Glenn Coxon


Great use of space to see things from different perspectives. Wow. You think fast!

Geoff McDonald Design Probe

You are an inspiration, thanks for being so open, wonderful and sincere. You are a wonderful speaker.

Ronnie Kagan


Cool! Loved the energy and the stories from your past path. Thank you!

Scott Stein Director, The learning Difference

Clear & concise. Thanks for keeping our creative juices flowing.

Jennie Vickers


Loved the ‘unrelated thought starter’ idea for sales meetings. Gorgeous.

Helen Mac Director, The learning Difference

‘Smash it up’ great, really got me thinking as to look at how to be different. Thanks.

Hugh Gyton Just a conversation™

Nils Vesk’s Keynote was great, he really understood the dynamic of our team. His topics hit the mark, were really informative and we can’t wait to utilise his services again in the near future.

Michael Magafa Venue Services Manager Staging Connections

Nils did not disappoint. He honed in straight away on the core issues facing our business and his infectious manner, and insights kept everyone on their toes and kept their brains exploding. Feedback from all our staff was awesome and Nils was a huge contributor to the success of the day.

Mike Britton, CEO, Evolution to Wellbeing

Brilliant delivery. Wonderfully practical and relevant content.

Leonie Stanfield, Group Training

Entertaining, interesting, awesome.

Karen De Falco, NSW Department of Education

Great topic for anyone! Great interaction with your audience. I smiled throughout.

Kimberley Ryan, Optus

Awesome presentation – want to hear more. For someone like myself who does not think of myself as innovative – I have hope!

Andrea Werner, Wellington Tourism NZ

Very engaging speech.  Quite unique story.

Maggie Hoang, CBA

Fantastic energy & engaging style. Love your way of getting to innovate thinking methods.

Stephen Ireland, Training Manager Novo Nordisk

Entertaining, engaging and great insights into becoming innovative.

Lynne Schinella, Ripe Stuff

Engaging, funny, strong message.

Annamiek Hartley, NAB

I loved this session. A great note to finish on.

Carol Gonella, Suncorp

Interesting concepts. Clever, fun, great!

Nicky Sutherland, Serco

Original page source via: http://www.innovationblueprint.com.au/testimonials/


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